Hello mam Abha shah and Sonia Mehta (podsquad) how can make my child (age 5yrs) a good listener and also improve his concentration.

Sonia Mehta Abha Mehta-Shah please advise

@chitra pawar concentration in young children in certainly an area of concern for a lot of parents. One idea that works is to engage him in an activity that is a only fun. for example there are search and find books in which the child has to search for hidden objects in a picture. do it along with him. Once engaged, children usually like to see it through to the end. since it is not 'work' but play.

@chitra pawar there are other activities too that are engaging even if u don't have search and find books. for example you can play I spy with him. that will make him stay focused on the topic at hand and help develop concentration

Thank you mam for answering my question