my lo is just 3months old...

he is suffering with cough and cold n nose blockage.. I'm using nasomist drop b4 every feed.

bt my lo is taking feed hardly for 2mins n gap extends to 5 or 6hrs

he starts crying if I force him

PS : he is playful n distress

bt I'm worried as he isn't taking ppr feed...

I'm not interested in formula milk

pls suggest

Sheeba Vijesh Roopashree Siddireddy Anisha Agarwal @shilpa kamdar

plz go to peditician climate changes effect, and make ajwin no potli and give sheek Sumira Bhatia plz that cold and cough cure wala pic

rub oil on back n chest..give nasoclear drops..n if baby is not cranky dont force feed  ..when he ll feel comfortable..he ll cry for feed himself

Try baby nasal drops to remove nose blockage. Raise his head while making him sleep with a pillow. It will make him comfortable. Don't push him hard, he'll start feeding once he becomes normal. Please consult your doctor also. take care

hi dear don't use formula milk. BF is the best solution to treat cold and cough for your newborn.BM also improve the immunity of your  baby  to fight against bacteria,germs and virus.
you can put few drops of your BM in each noistril of your baby. It will help to cure cough and cold faster or Boil few cloves of garlic into mustard oil and apply it externally on your baby’s neck, chest, back, under feet and palms.  
solid home remedies by my grandma, which I used and it works ... try it once

Babies don't take proper feed      due to cold so don't force ur baby,  keep offer him/her BM is the best medicine to cure cold and cough in babies.  Steam would be best to loose mucus and easy breathing,  heat some mustard oil and add crushed garlic cloves in it and apply this oil baby's feet and make him wear socks,  this will help to keep baby body warm. If same persist consult doc.

Please consult with your pediatrician it better..

rub vicks balm on  baby chest and cover the baby

honey ko thoda sa garam kar k raat ko sote waqt pilaw

please don't use any home remedies at home baby is too small... it's better to consult with your pediatrician

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