hiii and Good morning to all mom's can I give oats to my baby is thr any oats only for baby or I can give which adults have if I can give wats the procedure to give.Sheeba Rizvi Shruti Giri Sheeba Vijesh asha choudhary

Anisha Agarwal Deepali Soam

hi dear, you can give oats. there are rolled oats variety which is good, but i just give quaker oats to my baby. you can either make a porridge of it or add to any dish such as chilla. when baby starts having egg, you can mix oats and eggs and give like omlette

Yes you can give oats available in market. You can give it in many form like oats porridge, oats dosa, oats chila, oats pancake, masala oats with lots of veggies.

I used to give quicker oats to my baby

can I give to my 8 months baby

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