my 3months old baby doesn't sleep whole night...night from 11.30 till 6am n she always wants me to put her on my lap whole night n wants me to feed her continously....or els she.'ll start crying...sitting everyday continously since 3months my back started paining very badly...can u plz guide me regarding this

I am having exactly same problem with my one month old kid. Any mommy with any suggestion?

That's a phase... kids tend to be awake in the nite. .my baby used to wake at 8 pm n slp only by 6 am. try sleeping when ur Lil one sleeps. . ensure u get enough rest if there is no one to tkecare of the baby. Over a period of time the timings wud get to normal. I faced this till a yr and the second yr constant waking... 3rd yr it actually settled..

Hey hi! Your baby must be facing colic issues. To sooth themselves they prefer to take feedings. Please speak to your baby ''s pediatrician to prescribe effective medication for colic. I had faced same issue. I use to give my son colic aid mixed with carmicide and in extreme case of colic I use to give cyclopam. Please do seek help of your pediatrician. Also remember that babies have daily feed quota. Try feeding as much you can during the day time such that they don't feel much hungry in the evening and you don't feed for long in the evening. This cause babies digestive system becomes slow in the evening say from 6pm onwards and hence they suffer from colic. Hope this helps you.

Well I would like to add that there is nothing to worry about if the child is not sleeping the whole night and is playful. Problem persist only if the baby is getting cranky n irritated whole night n is unable to sleep..

I am mother of twins - boy and girl.Though my son slept at normal times my daughter used to keep us awake at night and wanted me to carry her and walk in the room.. We visited the doctor and ruled out any health related issues. Finally I started changing her sleeping patterns. We realised that she had a habit to sleep throughout the day and keep awake at night (party baby ☺) I followed her sleeping patterns and started to wake her up gently after defined intervals. This takes time and lot of patience. Think of best possible schedule and keep her occupied /awake throughout the day. So that her energy is used and she starts to dozz off at specific time. Gradually your baby should follow the sleeping pattern. Try doing this 1. put on soothing music at specific time at night. Indian instrumental is best 2. Dim the lights.3. lie beside her 4. sing some lullaby or even read out small stories (they hear your voice understanding does not matter) Hope this helps...

thank u so much to all moms...regarding colic I asked my doc he suggested colicaid drops...but everyday it is a same problem...so how can i put colicaid drops everyday...I Don wan her to depend on medicines more....

It's absolutely safe to give colic aid every day. Even I had apprehensions like you n never wanted my baby to depend on medicines but trust me it's safe to give daily. N will advice you to give your baby colic aid daily if that helps the poor infant get some relief n good sleep. You also need to remember that sleep n rest are very essential for a baby's growth and development.

true thank u so much...

This apart there are few home remedies which you can follow daily. May be it helps your baby.. Like giving ajwain and /or flax seed (adshi) sake to baby on his chest n tummy. Burp him well after every feed. Make him lie on his tummy for not more than 10 to 15 mins after every feed. Also will advice you to watch your diet. Avoid eating outside food. Avoid food that causes gas such as potatoes, cabbage, pulses, tur dal, etc. Will suggest you to eat ajwain daily after every meal. And add ginger to all your meals.

actually I have very strict diet at home...Mom doesn't allow me to eat outside food....I am on pattya only pepper n jeera rasam..no usage of potato tomato n onion..in my diet...n i include garlic in my diet

If d baby is awake n not cranky that's pretty much fine I feel... That would change withing no time n u wus again get to sleep through d night..
If u feel it's colic that's troubling ur baby... Then u may try neopeptine drops... These r natural n can be given three times a day... 6drops...
But plz confirm wd ur pediatrician before giving it...
More that colic aid, neopeptine was more beneficial to my girls

she is alternative in cranky sometimes she does n sometimes she just keep awake on my lap n keep playing

Hi there, we had the same issue with our baby....colicaid does help. You can perhaps even try a warm sponge in the evenings. That soothes the baby. And don't take much stress. It is a passing phase.

awake babies are very challenging, best to sleep together and feed lying down. have a good evening routine before bed. A walk at sunset, massage, bath, feed and off to bed. have the same routine at the same time every night. learn about baby wearing and Co sleeping. be sure your baby sleeps in the day or they get too over stimulated. If babies see sun rise, sunset and get some sun on their bodies and vitamin d at midday it helps to set their body clock.

colic medications are not recommended who advises breast milk only for the first 6 months.

colic babies cry in agony for hours, this does not sound like colic.

use colicaid drops thrice a day before 15 min of feed. I faced same issue and it solved. apply hing with warm water around naval. put her few minutes on tummy before tummy time.

Hi. I had the same issue with my baby the first month. He used to cry all night which started from 10 pm. We tried giving colic aid and carmicide.
Check the birth weight and current weight of the kid. If the weight hasn't increased significantly probably the feeding is not enough. This happened with my baby. We started him with formula feed and after that till date he's been feeding very well

same problem with my boy when he was 1.5 months.may b ur baby is having some problem either feeding is not properly done or may b stomach pain.. us phir cold is d problem

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