My Baby is 3.5 months and she is sucking her thumb and not taking my milk.

mera baby bhi ye hi krta h. to me apne finger uske hath me de deti hu. take wo grip bnane me bsy rahe or muhme na le ja paye.
bs phr wo milk le Leta h

sucking thumb is normal .if baby have cold n any other problem u consult doc..u press ur milk n give..

could your baby be teething?  try and feed in a room without any distractions or loud sounds

babies are explorers Shilpa Sharma and they switch their interests very fast....just avoid any negative reactions on thumb suckling... remove her finger with smile inside as many times she puts in her mouth and try distraction with some flash cards, you can sing rhyme, show some musical toys from lil distance.... gradually things will increase... it's just the beginning of mother's club... good luck mumma 😘

give her sum lite weight rattle, dat will keep her hands busy...