Please suggest me what type of toys should I use for my baby..

A Guide To Shop For Age Appropriate Toys

Hi you can introduce stacks toys, they will also show interest in music toys like xylophones, pianos, balls.

At 11 months i think best will be a activity walker and a the lay sit and stand play gym. And activity walker u can go for shumee or fisher price also has great options. Other than that bendy ball, peg ball, softie ball, pull along toys, shape sorters, pop in palls, beads maze, ring stackers, shape stackers, board books, soft blocks, musical instruments like tambourine, jingles hand bell or rattle, egg shakers, maracass, whistles, dambroo, dafli, small dhol xylophone piano etc. Will also be very engaging for 11 to 18 months old babies