what to do if  10day baby catches cold.he is sneezing and coughing!

Hi Puchu,  pls visit ur pediatrician...

Baby is really small kindly see a doctor.

consult your doctor first. 

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please consult doctor baby is very small for home remedies

1. Immediately consult to your doctor.
2. Make sure that your baby must cover properly(i mean don't leave as freely).
3. Make sure the room temperature should not be down too much.
4.Check your baby regularly please don't leave baby with urine or potty for long period.
5.Change baby's cloths at regularly.

yes... baby is too small to try home remedies... talk to your pediatrician puchu... hope baby gets fine soon.

steam deo baby nu apni lap ch lai k or nibulizer use koi..consult a Dr.