hello Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa...m 8th month before my weight was 64.6 nd now it is 64.9...means little bit said sometime it happens wid some total weight gain during whole pregnancy is 5 kg or may be its less than 5 kg...acc. to dr baby growth is is ok...I heard average weight gain should be 10-12 want to it normal?? me koi problem to nhi hogi if I dont gain that much weight till due date?...

sme here ..i lost 3 kg in first trisemester ..thn till nw i gain jst 3 kg ...

Neha Singla Need not to worry.  I haven't gained any extra weight in 9 months.  In the first trimester I have lost 7kgs and I have regained that. So I weigh 50kg now and doctor said that's fine as baby weight matters which is fine.  So just check baby weight.

ok..thank u Sachi Singhal😄

what is ur daily diet Sachi doctor said that may be m not having proper diet...nd whatever I m eating all goes to baby not to me..she said try to increase ur diet nd some fat in ur food...

I m having 2 parathas in morning with tea...then after 2 hrs any single fruit...then at 2pm 2 rotis, sabji, curd, then at 6pm milk wid 2-3 biscuits, then dinner at 9pm-2 rotis nd daal or sabji...

yes doctor is right.. it happens with some ladies whose physique is not that healthy.. for example i hardly gained 6-7kgs during pregnancy and baby's growth was very fine.. so dont worry much.. make sure to have good protein rich diet..

thank u so much Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa

same...mera b 8 month h pr weight abi b 64 se 66 hua weight thik h...mene b suna h ki 10 kg vjn bdna chahiy..but..dr. ne kbhi kuc ni bola ki weight km h ya koi problem h..

Neha Singla don't worry your diet is fine. Include intake of more citrus fruits or dry fruits or home made juices.
I have daily 3 proper meals in a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I was asked to have milk twice a day but I have once during breakfast.  Rest whole day either I have fruits or dry fruits or a light snack. Initially I use to have very less water then gradually it increases.