hello all experienced moms...m first tym pregnant...yesterday I was just thinking that hw would couple manage to make love wid their babies in the same room??🤔...initially it's ok when baby is 5-6 months old but after that when baby grows older like 1 yr 2 yr...hw u all manage?....actually I can't sleep at without hugging my hubby..😂😂...I have a bad habbit but what to do...i m just worried after baby hw would I sleep widout kissing nd cuddling😥😞....

lovemaking can't be done once the baby is older and in the same room. I am sure hugging is okay though. hugging and light kissing is healthy behavior in front of kids (I read a long time ago) it said it sends positive signals about the importance of love in a marriage and how it saves them from falling prey to meaningless relationships in future

same question come in my mind
how to sleep without hugging my hubby

hehe...means all new moms get worry about this😂😂

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