Hi. I'm 6month pregnant. I have a doubt. In my 5month checkup doc did gulcose diabetis test. Again for the 6month checkup also they will do gulcose diabetis test???  up to my delivery dates they will check gulcose diabetis???

hi daniya,Gtt is very important test which is conducted between 24-26 week generally, or specifically on cases if your doctor is monitoring something...raising glucose level...of your glucose test is normal  nothing to worry....go as per may not required again..I guess... but if your doctor advices , it needs to be done.

If you have gestational diabetes then yes test is done regularly.

U  u r diagnosed with gestational diabetes then  u would be asked by the doc to have a normal blood sugar test which is fasting, PP - after meals, urine routine, ths is to check whthr the diabetes is in control or nt...
If gestational is diagnosed n if it can be considered trial. By diet then pls ensure u cut down  on ur carbohydrates.. Sugar n have a rich protein diet... Incase it's nt at all in control then the doc would up u in insulin dose...
Gestational diabetes only stays in Pregancy and post ur delivery after 6 weeks u would again be asked to go for glucose tolerance test to Chek. Whthr diabetes is ruled out or nt...
Hope I have answered ur doubts n made it clear. Take care n don't stress

Also it's better to have a check up your blood sugar, TSH (incase if u have) , hemoglobin test every month...

Hey it depends on your previous reports too. Do as your doctor says.

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