I have twins. Both of them keep on vomiting after feeding even though we hold them upright after each feed. Is this normal? Holding them upright is sagging their cheeks. Has anyone faced the same issue?

Hai Supriya.. A big hug for you... being a mom of twins is such a awesome and tiresome thing. Don't worry about sagging is cheeks.. Baby cheeks will disappear as they grow up. Please burp baby after every feed. Burping is important. Vomiting will be mostly due to over feeding or gastric problem. Give some tummy time every 3-4 hrs once for 5-10 mins initially. later you can increase that timing.

Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus) Dhara Popat Sulbha Bathwal @twinsandmamatalks Mamta Vashisht kindly help