my one week old baby takes hiccups a lot. im worried. what should i do

No need to worry. Its very normal

hiccups k karan wo so nhi pata h Priya Sood

Hiccups come naturally. Even for adults. My boy used to as well.

Don't worry its normal...,

It's normal,  don't worry.

meri baby ko b roz hiccups aate hain. its normal. i asked to doc in the hospital when she was born she said it's normal.

some ppl even say if baby is getting hiccups, she is healthy and all her systems are working fine. it's natural.. relax!

Dear Don't worry it's normal my baby still takes hiccup my mother in law said it's a good sign for baby. his diagest a milk or his diagestion is strong...

even it's really good for kids