I've started weaning , and today I prepared rice powder by washing, sun dry, roasting and grinding rice which turned into powdered form. on a pan I mixed 1 cup of powdered rice with sufficient water. Baby didn't liked this and started to put vomit kind of reaction. then I added few drops of jaggery in watery form to the mixture but baby didn't like this. first day flop show. How should I make my baby to eat.. please advice.. am i missing something here mom's??

hi kamalini,baby will initially refuse what is given to him for eating, drop rice for some time and then try next time may be next week,add little express breast milk or formula and then give , as baby has all milk taste till this age of life ,accepting new food taste is very new to them ,and they are not comfortable.u can try with vegetables, try carrot , potato,sweet potato(not sure if you get this season) , banana,.  .. try apple ,peer. actually each baby has his unique taste as a mother we need to take a note on taste preferences and offer food.,I know it's very difficult initially (also lods of advice given without asking...bla ..bla ...u r already loaded) . I suggest make a list of things which u cab offer this month and keep trying , with early preparation it will be easy for u...be prepared baby will refuse it initially but gradually will pick up....good luck...hope u r done with all articles on weaning on baby chakra :)

Hi. Its a big milestone. I started off with fruits and veggies and later on rice. Weaning Foods Simplified For All New Mothers

This is useful 12 Dos And Don'ts Of Weaning

Priya Sood, in the link 12 dos and *** , there are certain other links redirected but those are not found now.

what u r explaining as vommiting is gagging. that is an imp milestone and evry child does that when they stRt solids. baby has beenn on lliquid till now,  so now he has to learn how to control food in the mouth. gagging will keep happening till the baby learns how to chew properly. babies gums are very strong and they can chew soft mashed food.

dont give any dal water or rice water. start with mashed rice with dal or mashed potatoes or mashed sweet potato

Harneet Khurana, actually it's roasted powdered rice but not rice water. Shall I continue this with BM or FM or start with fruit purees

it's ok...every baby does that...I made this powder with roasted rice and dal.... but I think u should try mashed rice.. he will take it... try some fruits...I didn't give any boiiled fruit

i wont suggest purees but thats me. pls give bm as much as u can. till 1 yr thats the main source of nutrition. solids is secondary

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