Hello we are using gingelly oil for baby body and head boy is loosing hair this normal to babies ??

hair fall is absolutely matter which oil u use

i wuld suggest plzz use seba med its excellent n has amazing results

My baby is also suffering from the same problem of hair loss.. i m worried regarding this.So i go to the doctor.He said that it's normal..massage his head by using coconut oil..

check Anisha Agarwal post. She has posted some remedies on the same topic

Hai RENUKA. Some kids will loose the birth hairs won't be stronger also. Don't's natural. They will loose all their hair( almost become completely hair shaven type) till they reach age 1 year. After that... slowly they will get back Their hairs. Better to use coconut oil on hairs. Many kids and even for adults gingelly oil won't suit.

use mama earth baby massage oil.its toxin free, natural and hypoallergic

Try Mamaearth  baby oil  good nd natural  for baby..