my baby is 1.5 month old. he hasn't pooped since 3 days. he is doing pee normally. is it a thing of concern?plz guide

it is normal as breastfed babies can go without poop for 7 days also

It is normal for a breastfed baby to not poop for a couple for days.

No ots pretty normal...

It's normal. Not to worry. Baby passing stool 7 times in a day - normal. Baby passing stool once in 7 days - still normal. Just watch for a few more days before going to your pediatrician.

it's normal no need to worry

It's normal,  don't worry. Wait for more 3-4 days if ur baby don't then consult ur pediatrician.

Hey, its normal. Don't worry

it varies from 8 tyms in a day to 1tym in 8days... u can wait for 8 days

no it's normal iy happens

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