Hi friends. I want to know when Ur extremely disturbed by your in laws , have u heed of cases where husband's intervene? have you known of cases where husbands have really taken a pragmatic and unbiased view ?

Sheeba Vijesh Sumira Bhatia Roopashree Siddireddy

yes. Luckily my husband do. Mostly I won't talk much with my in-laws. Language problem also..( as I am Kannada speaking and husband Telugu). I usually tell things beforehand.. so husband will trust me. Still he supports his side sometimes.

I suppose we cant always complain to our husbands about our in laws since they are his parents after all!  In extreme cases,  yes the husband must have an unbiased opinion.  I once did face this situation with my mil but luckily it was resolved and all's well now.