Its 100 days after my normal delivery. Can I do all exercises like cardio ,skipping n ol.. Tday when I tried skipping I felt a bck dt norml

Hi simi! Congrats!!! I took it a bit slow. Pls don't be in a hurry to exercise a lot. Start off with slow and less taxing exercises like walking. After 4 months I joined yoga

Good evening, start slowly and build up gradually. Pain might be due to muscles being reused after sometime and getting overstretched. but best to see your doctor to rule out a problem if it does not settle. Regards

Hi Simi, before going into skipping n all.. concentrate on pelvic floor or kegel's exercises, lower abdomen tuck in exercises n back strengthening exercises like pelvic bridges , pelvic tilts..Once you strengthen these muscles, then go for skipping n all.. better u consult obstetric physiotherapist or chat with me ...all the best

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