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I want to purchase super bottom from baby chakra for new born baby,what I need  to check before purchasing,is there any size criteria

Neha Sharma Reshma Menon pls help. priti pls go thru 3 Types of Cloth Diapers: as Shared by MomStar Neha

Hi Priti, there are basically 2 types in sizes for newborns, one is specifically for newborn babies and the other is one size, can be used from new born till toddler age. While purchasing do check this in description.

there the size fr all in one is 4-36 month,hw I can purchase fr newborn

u will have to search for newborn diapers.. sonam patel do they have new born diapers, any idea?

My daughter is 2month old n after breast feeding she is passing stool please suggest me something what I do to stop loose motion

yes.. they have new born diapers range too Priti Khandelwal

Hello Priti Khandelwal please  check the New born range of Superbottoms.  Please let me know if I can assist any further

Found this on BabyChakra. Thought you'd find it helpful! 'By Superbottoms ' shared via
Priti Khandelwal check this out.

thanks alot Sonam,one more question I have to purchase soakers separately or they come with the cover

the link that I have shared... in that diaper 2 soakers you will get.
check there are more designs...

hi Jayshree Rajput this os normal for bf babies. its not loose motion. dont worry at all. also feel free to ask ur questions seperately so ur queries dont get missed. tc

ok thanks,ND what's the difference between all in one and cover that u have shared,which one I used to purchase

go through the link which asha chaudhry has shared above... your query will b resolved.