Hello everyone!!

Am blessed with baby boy today morning :) normal delivery :=)..

Thanks :)

congrats and god bless

Very very Congratulations 🎊 to u nd ur baby

congrats shruthu prem...can you tell me that what was your baby's heart rate during pregnancy....hope u dnt mind..

Wow Congrats dear.  💞😘

many congrats shruthi and blessings baby's way!! hope both of u are doing well! pls tc and post pix once u are home :) Sumira Bhatia Neha Sharma #tagfwd

Congratulations so happy for u, blessings to the baby ❤ Take good care of urself Mumma 😘

congrats dear God bless u n ur baby boy.....

lots of blessings 💞💞

Shazia it varied from one trimester to other.. Starting it was 160 and later it was 140..

lots of blessings Shruthi.  congrats 💞