Hi all, I am in the 9th week n 2 din se kuch b khau feel lyk nausea n vomiting. ..milk n coconut water roj piti hu but vo b pine se vomit ho jati this normal? do din se milk b nai pi rahi...plz suggest Wat to do.?

Hi Pooja. This does happen. You shpuld talk to your gynec about this. She may give you tablets for this. You must keep having water n fluids. Thats important

r u having tab 4 nausea or vomiting? usually doct gives it in first trimester

Thanks..till date I was  feeling only nausea sometimes...but now will contact my gynec soon.

Priya sood is right.besides vomiting n n drink in specific interval of times.try dates or Monaco biscuits actually I used to feel better after having it.i had really bad nausea n vomiting n first 3 months.yet I feel nausea in evening.Tc.

pooja its normal... it will subside... but if you are having too much of vomiting talk to your doc... have small and frequent meals.. and you can try nimbu will feel better. take care.