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whenever i start my iron tablet i constipated..taking iron tablets from last 3 -4 days now & again constipated..any natural home remedy for it for instant relief as i dnt want to take medicine for constipation??..already having lots of medicines ...32 weeks 3 days pregnant

So both cures need to go hand in hand. You need to take loads of fluids , roughage and high fiber.

Pregnancy Foods has useful tips

When are you taking Iron tablet? morning or night?

Night but how timing effect constipation problem

Yes taking iron tablet in the night leads to constipation because iron slows the digestion process already our pregnancy harmones slows the digestion iron make it worse. have your iron in the morning and calcium in the night. I follow this as Dr. Shilpitha told me and I have no issues. Fibre rich foods with plenty of liquids is of course must.

do talk to your doc.. after taking iron tabs either you are constipated or having loose motions.. I was suffering from loose motion.. doc adviced me to take tabs on alternate days.. once it settles take everyday.. it will b better if you talk to your doc as constipation is not good during pregnancy.