how do u all store eggs..??

if u get a full tray of eggs , do u store all the  eggs in fridge or out only

I store in fridge.. as it would get spoiled easily in summers.

full tray ?? sonam patel

shikha I store all the eggs in the refrigator's egg tray... I dnt store the tray which we get with eggs

use plastic basket..first i check all eggs n den keep in plastic basket

I use plastic basket wid holes to store the eggs.

since it is very hot we store eggs in the refrigerator. we also get a full tray and store all of them in the fridge.  we have a big bowl for the ones that don't fit in the fridge tray

Earlier I use to store in fridge.. then again.. in emergency..if I need to boil eggs..even after boiling Wel , I had difficulty in peeling it. Then I watched some cookery show ... there Chef Jaspal Singh mentioned to wash and wipe eggs... this will keep eggs safe for longer duration. Now I am following that and storing in egg basket/ leave as egg crate.

And one more tip... if egg is spoiled you can bury in soil or pots.. it will be a good manure for plants.