my baby is now 8 months old. pls suggest what to feed & in how much quantity

after 6 padetrician suggested grind vegetables and feed with spoon.some suggest daliya or porridge of suji..

hey thanx shilpi for ur suggestion ill try to give same as my baby is not foody so i knw how much effort i need to take to feed him vegetables as he dont even like readymade food like cerelacs

Hi. Do take a look at the articles given in the app. They are very useful .

Hi, by the time babies are 8- 9 months they should be eating atleast 3 meals and one or two snacks a day- breakfast, lunch, evening snack and dinner. Breastfeed your baby in the morning, afternoon and evening.
You can give your baby vegetables mixed with rice, khichdi, veg soup, dal rice, veg pasta.
Mashed banana, papaya, stewed apples, pears.
Dalia, sooji, jowar / nachni porridge.
The foods at this stage should be soft and chunky. Not ground completely. This will help the baby get ready for chewing food eventually.

The baby will decide the quantity. Start with a bowl and if she wants more add some more.

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