Hii momss feeling very tough to change the position while sleeping feeling tired also feeling heaviness of stomach nd uncomfortable other Dan that Der s no sign of Labour wat ve to do for natural Labour pain pls do suggest..

Same here..   😔 😔 😔

Poornima I can relate as I am also going through the same issues.  But as we are in the final stages,  these issues are common and we have to go with it.  I discuss with gynae but she said there is still time for the due date. 
What is your due date?

Dear My due date is August 2 nd

Mine is 8th. I am sure your gynae must have told you that there is still time to wait for the natural labour pain.

Hmmm Thursday s my next checkup nd scan dr ll see wat she ll say😊

Mine due date is 4 aug 😊 😊.. All d best to both of you

vrushali patil Good luck to 3 of us. We need it 👍👍💞💞