Hii momss feeling very tough to change the position while sleeping feeling tired also feeling heaviness of stomach nd uncomfortable other Dan that Der s no sign of Labour wat ve to do for natural Labour pain my EDD august 2nd pls do suggest..

Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa Sheeba Vijesh asha chaudhry pls hv ths answered.

hi dear, hugs! hang in there... the last few days are really tough. keep a pillow below your bump and between you legs while sleeping on your side...

these are common in last few days.. dont give up.. do some squatting and kegels with doctor's consent..

hey Poornima same here. my edd is 5th august. no signs of labour yet. don't worry everything will be fine. just few more days for us to go. :)

hello........i just want one 4 th month is going on....and also i m doing my placenta is lit bit there any my pregnancy ...time....plzzzz tell me

Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa Dr. Payal M can you please advise Kavita Handa

Kavita Handa- make sure to use chairs.. take permission and teach while sitting.. dont stress yourself.. dont do long time standing or walking or climbing stairs..

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