hello Roopashree planned c sec is scheduled to done on 3rd august...i wanna ask that 3rd aug kaisa din hai baby hone k lye......i mean astro k hisab se....pls if u can suggest me pls .....

Hai Lakshmi... Each day is Good. Don't worry. It depends on time as wel. Make sure that you go for delivery in the morning...

ok mam thanks a lot.....actually i was curious to know about the mool and nakshatras

Dear if u would have delivered naturally than plz do not think on all this baby is precious and god gifts all day all time and all dates are good so relax and enjoy last few day ull miss and kicks

Yes... I know you are pointing to that... I just avoided to tell you regarding that. Moola Nakshatra is not a bad many astrologer have projected. It's a "Karma Nakshatra", wherein ppl born under it believes in work in worship. People will simply are scared about this nakshatra. Just to avoid that ... i asked you to go for c section morning...afternoon.. moola nakshatra will start. I believe... even if the date is fixed.. baby will born in the moment which was suppose to. 3 is a good number and August is also a good month. So don't worry.

thanks a lot mam....Roopashree Siddireddy......actually hamare yaha bohot dikkat hoti hai jo mool me paida hota hai baby....uska 40 days ka hawan hota hai or pata nahi kya kya karna pdta hai....40 ghar ka paani mitti flower leaves laane padte hai or bhi pata nahi kya kya karna padta hai....thats why i was asking otherwise i also believe that everyday is good bhagwan k din hote hai......but u helped me a lot....thanks for yr kind concern......

yes u r right Foram.......

Laxmi Shankar m in mool naksarta nd in proved too lucky for my papa so don't worry god will take care of all this nd follow what roopashree says her advices work

yes ill go with roopshree mam....and thanks dear

I know Laxmi... some elderly ppl do these things. it's just non sense. I don't suggest nor support these things. Don't worry... get admitted on 2nd. 3rd morning, you can go for c section.

ok Roopashree Siddireddy...thanks a lot for yr support....u really clear my doubts.....thanks a lot

hello Roopashree Siddireddy mam can u please advice me

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