Hi all,

can anyone recommend d best baby wipes to be used for sensitive skin..

Johnson and Johnson is really good...with right moisturiser and mild smell. How old is your baby? Is baby have rashes...give some diaper free time.

my in-laws r against jnj products,cz 1c it ws banned..M nt using diaper nly wen out  den nly m using or else at home m using cloth wiping poo using wipes..

i still use himalaya, used it from birth... very satisfied with the wipes

I used to always Pamper wipes...

Himalaya is the using that from the time baby was born..

I have used Himalaya, Johnson, Mothercare. best one is mothercare. it is so moisturized that every wipe will loose their moisture in few minuyes. but Mothercare doesn't. I recommend mothercare

mother sparsh wipes... there are water based and safe for any kind of skin

Try mama earth baby wipes.They are totally organic.