my baby nt takimg my milk in morning nd most of d tym... he s avoiding..!!  i feel bad.. :( nd accrdng toh tym he should need more milk bt here situation is opposite..  ?? plz suggest wat shud i do

Is baby not taking at any time. Have you tried burping?

by this age suudenlumy babies get easily distracted and interested by everything in their surrounding. keep you feeding place free from distractions and light low. also baby will be able to feed quickly than before, so he may not be needing as much time now, check for weight gain and pee count, if more than 6-7 then dont worry

Kamana Gautam your thoughts

no Priya its only sometyms. 

ya Sheeba pee counting is mote dan 6-7 tyms.   bt still m worry :(

don't worry, just do as i said... its normal...