hi mums and mums to be!☺I am 25 weeks hubby is in abroad for his job..I am finding it hard to spend time not a person who enjoys outings..any suggestions on how to spend time at home wisely?thanks in advance!☺

read good book  watch movies funny series

Call your friends at home. 

Music, songs, Watch movies, funny series, read books, talk to your friends.

thanks for your valuable suggestions guys! @foram @sachi @deepali any bookworms here?!would like to know if there were any useful books that you might have read during pregnancy😌

I read the secret and I love ravindra Singh and durjoy dutta and pretti

music , movies,mediatation,listening to ragas specially raag yaman,exercising your hobby,writing diary for your baby,being close to nature,taking to loving people, avoiding all negative things n toxic people from life... religious books, spiritual Mantra ,garbhsankar readings are best. see you have lot of things to do, now you will have no time :)

Aradhana Sharma That's quite alot!☺Thanks for the motivation..will keep my spirits up 😌

Foram I have watched the secret movie..will definitely try the book!I too had a love story is my all time fav❤will surely check out the rest!thank yo!😌

Akshaya naresh mine too I can read it again and again and try
can love happen twice ravindra Singh

we are all like you. come here and post whatever you like. you will soon make friends here and you can chat with them and know them better. keep reading good things on this site, see what other mom's are doing. no one can replace your husband's company but I'm sure we won't let you feel alone!!

Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus) Those words mean a lot to me!😌✌could already feel the positive vibes here..

yup! we are here for you buddy!! keep posting, get talking :-) lots of love to you and your tiny miracle

Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus) you just made my day prisha!lots and lots of love to you and your lil one too!

hey akshaya i was in the same boat as in my hubby was overseas. but i used to freelance from home :). this is a golden period to catch up wth ur reading, writing, watching movies at home, listening to great music, developing or picking up an old hobby, shopping for baby, catching up wth friends at ur place, going for walks, yoga. and like prisha likely said, pls start reading articles on BabyChakra we have lots of information for expecting moms! hang out wth other moms here! we are a fun lot!! tc and stay in touch! Sumira Bhatia #tagfwd

asha chaudhry hey asha!That's great to hear!Finally babychakra has laid a platform for me wherein I could find people who have faced the same situation as mine and could clearly understand what I'm going through!Thanks for all the love and support.will definitely take all your words on a positive note and enjoy this period!

Chat with us!!! share some nice moments!!! REALLY!! Read...relax...once you are a mom it ll be very busy

sure!thanks priya ✌☺

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