My baby is 4 month old and having cow milk allergy . suggest formula milk brand as mother's milk is insufficient

Kanwal pls don't go for formula milk .try to breast feed and dont be stressed things will be fine. you can include jeera and methi seeds in your diet it is said to increase milk supply

Hi please don't go for formula milk. to increase milk supply add jeera and methi seeds in your diet. And don't take stress things will be fine.

Hi kanwal. congrats on the new arrival. can you tell me how u found out ur child was allergic to breath milk? who told u so?

Please don't give cow milk.It is best suited for calf not human baby.Every mother can produce enough breast milk.Avoid stress, have proper diet and naps.

hai iam giving Buffalo milk to my kid .he audict to bottle .he didn't suck my milk .what can I do

please Breastfeed your baby every 2-3 hours. this will help to increase your milk supply.

Hi pls ask ur gynaec for any herbal medication to increase breastmilk supply. I struggled with low milk supply so my baby was on breastmilk& formula both ( Enfamil Stage 1). Try to have Dabur Shatavari with 1 glass of milk 2 to 3 times a day. Take rest& eat well. The more you feed your baby your brain will give signal to your body to produce more milk. Breastfeeding also creates a beautiful emotional bond between mom& baby....And finally dont stress...this problem is very common now a days...

Ur baby is only 4 months.. plz dont gv cows milk or any other milk to him. try to increase ur lactation. eat proper food. add lots of jeera in ur diet, u can take lactonic granules easily avlble in chemist shop. drink milk and water properly. stay relax and keep feeding ue baby.

With the right guidance you can increase your breast milk supply. contact a lactation consultant

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