Hi Mommys planning to buy baby stroller plz help me to buy pram ....which brand is good

Sumira Bhatia ur research will help her

Not a pram ...stroller for 6 month baby

I got one from a local shop

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Hmmmm ok Foram ...Am looking for Good branded one and usefull too

We have bravo from Chicco. It is on expensive. But totally worth it

me me and chicoo than

Mee Mee for strollers

luvlap and mee mee are similar priced and similar in reviews. you can chose either

you can get prams from 2000 onwards, but while buying one u must check for the quality and how baby friendly it is. check for the harness.. extra space for keeping stuffs like a small shopping bag below. if u ask me i wud suggest Graco or Chicco. its high end but long run useful an u cn keep it for the next baby too. first step stuffs r also gud

hey Rosie, you can check on babychakra also

Me Me 👍👍 Check on BabyChakra as well