I want to start feeding baby with home.made ceralc with wheat in it,  mummies n expert please tell me which is ideal age of introducing wheat to babies , also I see some organic brands putting ground nuts powder,corn powder ,Bengal gram powder to baby foods,is it ok to feed this to baby from 8 months age, when can this two be introduced ?  my babys current age is 9 months

please advice ..thx in advance

hi. your baby can start eating anytn u eat expect red meat etc. u cn feed her anytn.. but introduce one item at a time.. wait for 2 to 3 days for next item.. this is jus to do an allergy test. start feeding!

Harneet Khurana pls help here!

Wheat generally introduced at about nine months provided you have tried some other grains and pulses. Corn flour may cause constipation. Ground nuts not recommended.

thanks mam Sonali Shivlani answer from you makes me relaxed...