My stress level increases day by day...does it affect baby .. i m 6 month pregnant..

yes... please be happy n stress free... divert your mind... make itself busy in your favourite activities...
take proper rest

why are you stressed dear? you can share how you feel here

stress effects everyone and a normal body too. yes it will effect baby too.

I could feel you!just relax yourself when you feel things are going out of your hand..doing meditation and listening to music really helps!stay happy!✌☺

Hey Shraddha, What are you stressed about, mood swing is really normal during pregnancy, and u can always pour your heart out here at baby chakra. 😊 Keep yourself busy with things u like the most like listening to music, go for a walk in a park, watch a comedy show or movie and take time to meditate, these things will really help u. happy pregnancy 🤗

hey dearie , why are u stressed ? baby can feel whatever mumma goes through. hope u want to convey ur bub that u are the happiest cause he /she is coming in your life.  if something is bothering you talk it out. it helps.  try meditating  , listening misic or whatever makes u happy. we all are here so shout out if you need any help

Thanx to oll...ur suggestions realy helped me ...

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