I am giving up on my baby is 6 months 20 days and is refusing semi solids completely...what should i do?

the first thing u should do is have some patience. I know it is easier said than done but if you get irritated, children pick that behaviour and e will be irritated too. he is 6 months old and knows NOTHING. so don't expect him to start eating everything and anything and whenever offered.
number 2, try to understand the reason of refusal. is his stomach full? usually children at that age like to eat just a few tea spoon fulls.  also, baby can be teething, can have a bad cold or ear ache or simply colic. those are BIG problems for the child.
plz practice patience and softness, it is difficult but that's the only method that works. getting angry, frustrated, scolding or even hitting baby will only give u horrible result

welcome to motherhood woes. my kid is 4 and i still have this issue. Make it fun for your child. Sing songs and tell stories

it ll take lots of time an patience dear.. gv your baby time to adjust.. start by gvin little by little... then increase slowly.. durin all this make sure ur breast feedin properly.. try feedin semi solids wen d baby is hungry ... tat way little at least he /she take... welcome to motherhood sweetie!

aditi manja Harneet Khurana pls help

hi anon. pls be a little patient. at this time even if the child does not have solids its fine. nothing to worry. ur feed is the primary sourxe of nutrition. there is nothing to panic really.

feed baby on demand. what r u trying to feed ?

Pls dont lose patience!!! You ll need alot of it as baby grows

Dont stop trying. Wait for a few days and start gain. Try giving different things but same for three days so that you know if there is a reaction

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