hi my baby is 8 months old..she is nt sleeping properly...nt even a nap in day time...she is very fussy in eating pls tell me some ideas to.make her b eat n to really tired on making her sleep n eat....she looks very lean n pls tell me cn I give formula milk if s tell me some good brand....

hi anon pls chk out some recipes here Weaning Food Recipe (7 to 9 months). Sheeba Vijesh just posted a yummy recipe. Harneet Khurana pls help

sleep with her. put some soothing music and just lie dow. rock the baby. this works every time for me. my 8 yr old son too sleeps like this ..

make her eat playfully makes interesting food shapes and make her eat , play with her while day so that she gets tired and sleeps at nite  like these make different shapes faces and make eating fun she will eat else once speak to ur pedi

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