Hi all, I am in my 4 th month but still I just can't have proper amount of of, I just eat one roti , little bit of sabji,dal n rice I eat more of Lemmon pickle, for lunch and dinner....m worried is these much food is sufficient?pls let me know

hi priya..start including lots of fruits,nuts and veggies  in your meal plan..drink lots of water and stay fit.looks like you dont have any junk or outside food,which is good but try not to have too much of pickle.try to have small portions of meal at regular intervals.

Thank you Akshaya...every morning I eat soaked badam and 1 apple daily n drink glass of milk in night....not having any junk n outside food...

soaked badams are the best priyanka!take care and happy pregnancy☺✌

😊 thanks dear...but wat abt my lunch n dinner food cz every 1 say I shld eat for 2 .....I can't eat roti more than one if I try to have more I feel lyk vomit 🙄

Priyanka Shinde jus dont worry about eat for 2 concept priya!dont force yourself if you are not able to take more than 1 roti.drink lots of water it will ease you from nausea. but  make sure you eat or snack on something healthy for like 2 or 3 hrs once. before lunch try having soup from broccoli or any veggies u like.incorporate juices,salads from fruits and veggies you like to have.That way I guess you won't feel pressurized for eating more without vomiting.

Are you doing the small but frequent meals?

not more often... but whenever I feel hungry I eat something..see my schedule is in the morning I 1 St have soaked badam then my breakfast...around 11/12 eat 1 apple...then about 1.30-2 have my lunch...then 4.30/5.30 dry snacks n tea and 9-9.30 take my dinner