How many months does it take to conceive? On average. When should i visit dr to see if im ok to conceive

It all depends from pregnancy to pregnancy. SOme get lucky the first time, and some take a year. Just eat healthy and stay active.

Hi, If you r planning for baby then u & ur husband can discuss with good gynec..Doctor will ask u to do some test to check is there any deficiency / if u r fit or not...& according to ur periods Dr. will suggest u some days to try...follow Wat doctor says , u will definitely get good result... we  followed the same n got goodnews in 2 months..

how long have u been trying to concieve ?

few months on an average. some get lucky quickly.
u can also visit a gyn at the start- ur n hubbys age, med history , menstrual details etc is imp.
however if trying to conceive for over a year its time to do a complete chechkup for both partners.