Dreamed something weired n horrible last night.... bit scared now...😒😓

Sneha. It ll be ok. Is nything on your mind. Pls feel free to talk to us and share here.

Think happy thoughts. Do what makes you happy

m trying to divert my mind on other things..... my husband also told me to ignore it.... just dreamed as I started bleeding .... with lot of blood....

Its just a dream dear....ok tell me what all do you enjoy eating? special craving? baby ka name list banaya 😃

craving for golgappas so badly.... I always hate eating sweets but from last two days m craving for gulab jamun n jalebies

Yummy!!! Have it all in limitations....pls feel free to share anything with us. We all are friends here  Enjoy your pregnancy

I too had similar dream in early pregnancy, may be we are just cautious about our pregnancy so these type of dreams.

thanx a lot Priya Sood .... feeling relax now....always get satisfactory reply of every query here.....

yaah Rebecca ... I too feel that....may b it's bcoz of our  concern abt pregnancy

Whatever my dream is I'm always pregnant in my dream, even in dreams I don't take Auto 😅 I keep telling people in my  I'm pregnant I can't eat that or do that.