hi mommies

my 1.5month old gets up only once for feed at night and that too i have to force her to feed

this is happening since the last 15 days

earlier she used to feed for 10-15mins on each side but now she hardly feeds for 10-13 mins on side and doesnt demand feed for atleast 2hours

is it normal or i have something to worry

her pee and poop is normal and she is active as well

she is on bm

if pee count is normal, you need not worry, she has become better at taking milk than before.

Sheeba Vijesh she also doesnt demand feed for long durations....if i want to feed her she just cries a lot...should i only feed when she demands of is there any particular time limit beyond which i should not wait

if everything is normal and she is active then no need to worry... feed on demand

thank u Shruti Giri and Sheeba Vijesh

check her weight gain... if its good, just feed on demand. else, you can try feeding at 3 hours gap...

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