Is it necessary for a child  to have a milk? Anay is having it very happily but I am concerned whether I should continue or not...

Will it cause any problem?

Can't we have something else as a source of protein and calcium?

Can a fruit juice or fruit or vegetables juices be the taken as first thing in the morning?

Harneet Khurana

Roopashree Siddireddy

Aradhana Sharma

Neha Sharma

If baby is fine with milk... It's good to give. It's a long proved source of calcium. If you don't want to give or baby is intolerant...then you can try "Soya Milk". Many vegans have turned to soya products instead of milk products. You can give egg. Above all... daily exposure to sunlight is important.

actually no. its really not important. you can give other sources of calcium.

i am also wondering the same thing after hearing lot of negatives about milk. there are plenty of natural sources for milk like ragi.. protein too is available in sprouts, egg etc. Rhituparna Mitra

Shruti Giri I had reduced the milk quantity to 300ml for whole day coz that's what our doc suggested is the optimum requirement for a toddler. We are having more of yoghurt and paneer from the dairy. And rest as harneet has suggested more fruits and veggies.

Sheeba Vijesh actually I started giving milk few days ago bcz doc suggested and Anay seems to be liking milk but I think yesterday only Manveen (Motheropedia_Blog) had written an article about milk. I just wanted some info before deciding whether to continue or not...

Neha Sharma Harneet Khurana Roopashree Siddireddy thanks!!!

if your child likes milk gv milk.. y do u wan to start something else.. milk is very gud... gv curd etc also...its always best and easy to feed wat a child likes. too much of everytn is bad... two glasses of milk is fine..

r u not breast feeding? if you r then ter is no need of another milk. if no Givin milk wil not harm. Give wat your child wants... its easier an best. u can also gv curd .. two glasses of fully boiled milk is fine ..

Dr.Dhanya Prajesh yes m still breastfeeding him... few days I had asked here also... despite of having a well balanced diet he wasn't gaining expected amount of weight so everyone including doctor suggested me to start giving milk... our doctor knows that m BFing still he suggested... but I heard lots of negative comments about giving milk to babies so I was just wanted to confirm certain things..

y don u start nan pro or other milk supplements instead of cows milk... i use nan pro for my son. cows milk as such is not bad but u cn use milk supplements if u r in doubt. About wt gain u don hv to bother much it ll pick up soon

Shruti Giri how different opinions from different doctors are! my paediatrician said no need of other milk if baby is breastfed... and baby is low weight, still doctor said so...

Dr.Dhanya Prajesh ok..I will give it a try...

Sheeba Vijesh yes yes...even two of our pediatricians from the same locality, doesn't agree with one another's practice... our family doctor told me to give everything to anay whereas the other one just scolded me for giving him everything.... what to follow what not to follow..
poor mothers!!! 😁😁

Hi Shruti! You've got such wonderful suggestions already! I am not a believer of the fact that milk is necessary for kids.. breast milk, sure, but I always laugh that a cow or a bufalloes milk is for their babies, not mine!! my kids have it if they feel like it but not as a habit. we depend a lot on natural sources. Both my kids have benefited from this because they have learnt to eat a lot of variety of foods and can't escape meals on the virtue of a glass of milk.

Shruti,you raised an important point,mothers milk is best in all terms as much as baby can have in his life , because at all different stages of babys development it is naturally customised to meet the requirement ..so as is human milk..as baby grows it's general practice to offer milk due to several reasons .,children's between age 1-3 years need around 700 miligrams of calcium per day, around 2.5 cup can give required calcium ,vit d . it has dietary fats for normal growth and brain development ,80 percent of child brain develops befor age 2 , milk also has protein which helps built strong muscles..n other nutrition as well ..  so this is all positive factors why mostly there is need tto feed baby with milk.yes but there are several other things which can substitute it.  children at early age cannot have every other food that contain all this.nutition people prefer milk as it is one power pack bag of nutrition..this is what I have idea from my learnings of parental classes in nicu, but as your child grows it's completely the choice of parents .. now the biggest challenge here which makes me worry is purity of milk, I am scared of giving my baby milk outside when he grows, as getting original,oraganic is task here.. I would like to listen answer from nutrition specialist on this debate... please any one tag ms. dawodaani

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