Somethings I don't agree with my own mother. She heavily believes in blind faith and superstition and I want to stay away. because she is my own mom, I am not able to say anything. don't know how to handle this as she is now interfering into my child matters. it was ok as long as it was limited to me.

hey anon...old people have beliefs from there own geneartion and practice they followed,since they are our elders and its difficult to explain them in there way , it's better to not take things in heart,try to explain her in scientific way ,why your are not agreeing on superstitous things quoting some examples of setbacks , and your mother of your child it's definitely I n your hand how to raise your baby,so when things are not in your hand just hear dont listen,practice what u belief,rest just leave away...

i know its too difficult to handle our close relatives....see first u try to delay .ignore n if doesnot talk to her .... first thank her for the effort she is putting but it is something that disturbing u....tell her plz ma ... not this tym....u love her n ur child too ..... go n take a step....
sweetie i gone through same when my mil decided to give ajwain syrup to my 3 mnth old baby......u wont believe ....i dnt knw how i dare. ..but i actually snatch the cup .n said iski koi jarurat ni h abhi....mai pi leti se puch kr denge ...i dnt want any risk...... she was extremely angry....but i m happy ...i dare that tym. ..i fought with my mom too....i brought my child to this world n she is my first priority even before me n my health.... that's what makes me do what seems impossible

we all can relate to this... calmly try to explain her the reason... or else just say doc ne eysa kene se mana kiya hai ...
ya fir bolo han maine kar diya..

All indian moms r like tat. u bein the mother knows best for your child... do wat u feel is rite. motherly instinct is never wrong. if your child does sometn no one wil blame your relatives or ur mother only u ll b blamed. jus do wat is rite for your baby. somethins our mother say r also rite... only follow them..

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