Hi experts n momma's

i had my c sec yesterday mrng..

my baby is finding difficulty in latching..

jus few drops of liquid kind of thing is coming out..

wat to do?

he is crying a lot without enough milk..

Sheeba Vijesh
Harneet Khurana

hi nasreen if need be pls express with a pump. Sonali Shivlani Harneet Khurana Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa Sheeba Vijesh Sumira Bhatia pls help.

nasreen hang in there. get ur dr to help u with positions and bf techniques. is there a lactation expert in the hospi? if not get an experienced nurse to help. the more u try to feed the more milk will be produced. baby will latch soon.

Hey Nasreen..initial days sometimes seem difficult but dont worry ul b able to feed the baby.. don't panic...if u r a first tym mommy seek help from nurse to help in feeding position.

Breastfeeding: The Basics

FAQs on Breastfeeding Positions

Your Guide To Latching And Breastfeeding Positions! also speak to a lactation specialist once if you still find it difficult.  add bhuna jeera and oats o your diet

Dr. Payal M aditi manja pls help

nasreen use pillows for support and to place baby nearer to ur breast. keep baby straight parallel to ur body and support his neck with ur arm. tc. pls be patient.

Foods that Enhance Breastfeeding

dont worry dear initially it ll be little difficult try to keep on feed u r baby ..soon baby will latch n u can produce enough milk

baby only needs 1-2 drops of milk and its absoutly fine. thats how ur body is working as per designed. just do more body to body touch. put baby on ur bare body. let the nature take its course. ur body will make milk. dont worry. keep putting baby to breast. baby is crying cause he is scared. not hungry. he needs YOU.

till first one week baby needs only 2-3 drops of milk per feed. so dont worry.

wit c section it takes 3 to 4 days for d body to produce proper milk unlike normal delivery. for latchin take d nurses help an tey ll help u. use a nipple shield if needed.  pls take doctors advice in feedin.. baby  needs milk otherwise it cn lead to dehydration..If your nipples hvnt come out properly it is difficult for baby to latch... if it hasnt try massaging an pullin out d nipple every half an hour...ask d nurses to help.. we use syringe to bring out d nipple... tey ll knw

I also intially had the same problem...don't worry ..keep on feeding...baby takes some time to latch properly..seek nurse help to feed..intially few drops r enough..as much as baby feeds milk amount goes on increasing..

hey nasreen, its absolutely normal... that liquid thing is colostrum. baby is naturally equipped to survive on that precious colostrum first 2-3 days. her stomach is only as big as the little finger's nail... not all moms and babies are pros at breastfeeding, i too struggled a lot.. but kerp trying, you can do it... feed as much as you can..

hope u n baby r doing fine. as everyone has already pointed out to u tht those few drops are enough. dont doubt urself. keep baby near u as much as possible. take help to position baby. watch a few videos on ur phone for latching technique if u can. ask the nurses to help u.

Nasreen!!!! Do not worry  This is so very common. The liquid yellowish thing is called collstrum. good for baby. I also had same issues. Keep trying dear. Pls try to express milk toom That helps with supply. Milk is there. You have enough  Stay positive stay happy. that too helps....kisses for you and baby. WE ALL R HERE TO HELP

BreastFeeding Tutorials

Nasreen we would strongly recommend you to take an online consultation with a lactation consultant. we can help you out with it. let us know

hey good morning nasreen! hope u and baby are doing well! pls update us on the doo doo progress :))) much love to both of u!

also adding to what all have added - massage the breasts with ur hands or just keep a warm towel on it before u start feeding,  also gulp a glass of 1-2 glass of warm water before u start feeding.

if water is allowed to u. i cud not get up cause of severe back pain,  but i did feed side ways. so dont worry. ull be fine. make sure the latch is correct. the aerola is what the baby shud be sucking on.

100 percent of moms do not make milk or make just a few drops in the first two days. Baby is crying because he is in a new environment. Take help from hospital staff and latch baby to the breast often and frequently to help with Stimulation.

hey nasreen, how are things now? any progress?

thnq all wonderful momma's n experts..
i felt too low..
bt all ur tips n suggestions hav brought positiv thinking in me..
i try bringing out my nipple through  syringe n expressing the milk thru it n feeding Him over bottle..
i tried with nipple shield bt he cries to suck n its paining a lot wen try pressing to express
i try Latching him bt he cries very badly to even come near by breasts..
n my nipples r so small..😢😢😢
my feed is not being full n enough for him..
wat can b the other option to fill his tummy along wit my milk???
plz help me out

aditi manja Sonali Shivlani what do u suggest? nasreen needs help.

Nasreen Mansoor try again and again with ur natural nipples is the best soln for this problem...its a stimulus action...I was also a victim..ie why ....

yes BabyChakra thank u so much.. hope i need a lactation consultant..plz help me out

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