iam using daipers since birth now my son is 6 months old, can i use daipers daily? is ghere any problem in using daipers???? my mother-in-law says dont use daipers???? is it k to use them????

Yes you can use diapers 24 by 7 and they are safe. You must use a diaper rash cream to create a barrier between the diaper and the baby's skin.

Don't use daily. Not good

while using daipers does the baby legs get broad????

Go through Babychakara artlicle link below -
Why should you use reusable cloth diapers :)

Fully Agreed with Sonali Ji */

U can use diapers for ur baby, however keep in mind what Sonali Shivlani has mentioned regarding rashes.
Have you considered using Cloth Diapers?
They are absorbent, eco friendly and economic too. Plus they come in cute prints. Some brands u can look out for are Superbottoms, Bumberry etc.
Chk them out online.

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