I may sound a lil crazy, is this normal to feel ki kash jaldi se baby ajaye ab wait nh hota bas 😄 in my 36th week now 😂

yes....normal feeling.. ha ha ha ha..

Roopashree Siddireddy hahahaha weird I am 😂😋😋

I was jumping that doctor will say for c section and baby will be out.  But it was normal delivery. Now feeling...she should have been for another year..😀😉😂

that's my kind of weirdo 😉 hahaha..... u were happy with a c section though? hein???🤔 anyways acha hua na u had a normal delivery.... I wonder mera kya hoga 😋 all set and prepared mentally.

its the same with me . i am 36 weeks 4 days now. if c section wasnt that painful i would have opted for it by now

same feeling here too...36 weeks 1 days pregnant...nw jst can't  wait for the surprise😉

nancy singh c section has its own pros n cons.... all the best to u dear 😊

Niru Sha I can totally understand 😂... thank God I'm not the only one.😋

Shiny Vincent i know . lets see what god has planned.  all the best to u as well

i can so understand...i would count days and half days