Hi everyone. I am 6 months pregnant now. Please suggest what to do for less painful delivery. I am worrying about pain during delivery

at that time,god gives power to bear it.. don't worry just be happy..take care of yourself by being active..

Hey hold on babes, it's still alot of time for u yo deliver and don't worry and don't in think about it go with the flow, stay stress free and let nature do it, I understand ur worried I had been to that phase did lot of research and ended up with Labour pain but emergency c session as baby pooped
so we nothing in your hand relax and enjoy eat healthy walk for sometime if he health permits and stay positive and god bless

you have a lot of time..don't think about it otherwise u will get tensed frustrated n that is going to affect everything including your thing that helped me was a long walk ..if u r healthy enough try to walk daily as much as u can...

Hi anon, dont think too much. Every lady bears the pain to become a mother and trust us, we ladies are very strong and only we can bear the pain of child birth. Giving a birth is the most beautiful experience a woman can have in the entire universe.

painless delivery bhi hota hai apne Dr. se confirm  karlo

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