How to make the baby sleep all through night? I have tried giving full stomach food and creating a bed time routine and everything.. nothing works . Can you please suggest something as she is 14 months old and I haven't slept a single day since her birth

Darken the room... Make your baby to listen to music and sleep.. I used one baby sleep app when my baby was of 2 to 3 months and contuined till one yr... After that I made sure she listens to music n sleep. If kids are played well n had dinner on time usually will have sound sleep.. I hope it helps u..

It is difficult to make baby sleep through out the nite, you feed him one hour before bed like give a glass of milk, if he is well fed won't get up. Give water as well as baby usually get up as they are thirsty

consistently follow a sleeping schedule.turn off the screen 2 hours before bed. keep the baby hydrated. soothing lullabies helps immensely.

Hi anon, baby sleeping through out the day is a milestone which every baby achieves in their own pace. Pls hang on their. I can't understand ur problem. try feeding in side lying position. so that u can also take rest.

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