Hi my baby is 2 mnths old....she is just waking up 2 times for feed at it ok to feed her on demand r shld I need to wake her for feed....wt is the time gap for each feed...

Yes it is normal,in this age kids waking up 2-3 or 4 times. Its common dnt worry

It's fine to feed on demand and allow the baby to sleep thru in the night. Babies are able to sleep for four to six hours at a stretch in the night. Just do ensure that you feed about eight times during the rest of the day.

Dr.sonali ..I had c-section on last Monday ..... should I feed my baby in whole day...or 6-8 time...and my nipple's cracked so badly ...what should i do?...

Dear Bhuvana., 2 month old can sleep in night with gap of 3 hours. feed every 3 hour in night .