Hi..my LMP was 2nd July...Nd on 12th August doctor confirmed Pragnency...but when I went to see doctor today..she said that Pragnency sec is there but it seems empty..she suggested me another scan at next week..m too worried..pls let me know what is all happening

Hi the heart beat should come anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks, See there are 2 reasons for no heart beat 1. Late conception, if your ovulation is delayed say instead of 14th day it happend on 20th day then its called late conception. So your LMP weeks and scan weeks would not match. If that's the case then heart beat should come within a week. 2 . The second reason is missed abortion, due to chromosomal abnormalities the fetus did not survive. So please wait till your next scan, As of now we can't confirm.