My baby is 2 months old abd whenever he is awake i keeps crying. We have tired all posible ways but he keeps crying. Doctors said ots colic we have given him colic drops as well however nothing seems ro workm please suggest how to keep him happy and calm.

Baby agr bht rota h to use ya to gas ki prbm ho rahi h ya pet me drd ho raha h apka baby jada paresan kr raha hoto use hing or pani grm kr le or baby k nabhi k charo or laga le wo chup ho jaega in case agr isse v thik na hoto use colimax drop de 8 drop turnt thik ho jaega baby

Hi Rajni around this time most of the babies will go through this, few things to keep in your mind. 1. Make sure you give burp to baby or hold the baby in upright position for few minutes after every feed. 2. Exclusively breastfeed the baby, if bottle feeding air might pass through which will result in colic. 3 make paste out of hing and coconut oil, apply around the tummy and gently massage. 4. Hold baby's legs and do cycling motion to relieve gas. 5. Take the baby for a walk while crying . Avoid colic aid as much as you can.

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