I had a baby girl who is 2 months old. I am unable to breastfeed her.  I tried everything  like ZEERA SUPARIPAK DAAL DALIYA etc...  Which milk is better for her. I feed her PATANJALI cow milk

pls dont give cows milk to baby before 1 yr of age. u cn breastfeed her along with formula milk. if u need to give top milk then go for formula milk

u can give her any formula milk not cow milk . formula milk- Similac or nan pro

Don't give cow milk until ur baby is 1 year old. U can give formula to ur baby and do consult ur Doc.

Hi Ritu, is there a possibility to meet lactation consultant, she can guide u better to increase ur milk supply. it's better to check all options and then go for alternatives.

cow milk is highly risky and dangerous for a child this small. why are u unable to breast feed ?

Sab try kr chuki hu yr...  Doctor se consult kr chuki capsule bhi liye but dudh nahi aa raha

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